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White Papers

Gartner, IoT Solutions Can’t Be Trusted and Must Be Separated From the Enterprise Network to Reduce Risk

Read this Gartner IoT security report and we believe you will learn:
  • How and why IoT devices are being compromised
  • Best Practices to protect enterprise networks from the hidden dangers of IoT devices
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Comprehensive Device Discovery: Managed & Unmanaged

Visibility of all devices across an organization is fundamental to any security strategy. Organizations must not only get an accurate inventory of all managed devices, but must address the exponential growth of unmanaged devices in the workplace. Armis provides the ability see them both.

Read this Solution Brief to learn how Armis:

  • Sees all devices, managed and unmanaged
  • Discovers devices on and off the network
  • Identified risks associated with devices
  • Delivers comprehensive visibility
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Buyers’ Guide to IoT Security

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices has skyrocketed in our businesses, factories, and hospitals. The Mirai, Hajime, and Persirai botnets demonstrated how this explosive growth has created a new attack surface, already exploited by cybercriminals.  Businesses must now address this new threat landscape to determine how to protect themselves.

Download this Guide to learn:

  • 5 things an IoT security solution must do
  • IoT security use cases
  • How legacy technologies are falling short
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451 Research – Armis Scales with Agentless Security for Unmanaged and IoT Devices

451 Research updates its report on Armis outlining its agentless approach to unmanaged and IoT device security. See why 451 calls Armis’ growth impressive, covering how Armis provides visibility, threat detection and policy enforcement.

Download the report to learn about:

  • Agentless devices security
  • The importance of device behavior analysis
  • Integration into Palo Alto Networks and Cisco ISE
  • Overview of the unmanaged device security landscape
451 White Paper

BlueBorne – Technical White Paper

This research paper explores the areas in Bluetooth’s implementations in which the vulnerabilities were found, and details the vulnerabilities discovered by Armis Labs. It covers eight vulnerabilities that are a part of the attack vector so far.

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Securing Unmanaged Devices in the Enterprise

The traditional security architecture is broken. It is not designed to address all the new unmanaged devices flooding the Enterprise. Wired and wireless devices that can’t host an agent or are using non-standard operating systems.

Read this white paper to learn how:

  • The traditional security model is corroding
  • IoT search engines expand the attack surface
  • Patching inconsistencies lead to risk
  • To modernize the security architecture for all devices
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Medical and IoT Device Security for Healthcare

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How these attackers are targeting patient care devices
  • Why patient care devices are at risk
  • How to accurately inventory, classify, and monitor medical devices
  • How to protect against ransomware and other attacks on medical devices
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Palo Alto Networks – Armis Joint Solution Brief

With Palo Alto Networks and Armis working together, businesses can broaden their security footprint past the perimeter all the way to the access layer to address the new connected devices across the enterprise.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Automatically stop IoT threats at the NGFW
  • Dynamically enforce NGFW policy based on device behavior and device risk score
  • Isolate compromised devices and prevent data leakage on both the wired and wireless networks
  • Broaden the security footprint past the perimeter all the way to the access layer
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Protecting the Enterprise from BlueBorne

Traditional security controls are blind to BlueBorne and similar airborne attacks. Armis introduces a new layer of security that enables enterprises to continuously monitor and automatically protect unmanaged and IoT devices from BlueBorne-like exploits.

Read this paper to learn:

  • How BlueBorne circumvents existing security tools
  • Why patching and air gapping falls short
  • How to protect your network from other IoT threats
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BlueBorne on Android – Exploiting an RCE over the air

Elaborates upon Android Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities related to the BlueBorne attack vector.

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BlueBorne on Linux – Exploiting Linux based IoT Devices

Elaborates upon the Linux RCE vulnerability (CVE-2017-1000251) and its exploitation. The exploitation of this vulnerability is presented on two IoT devices – a
Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, and the Amazon Echo personal assistant.

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PCI Compliance in the IoT Age

The new connected devices bring the promise of improved efficiency, but they also increase the attack surface, and they increase the number of communication paths that must be monitored and controlled in order to prove compliance with the PCI DSS standards.

Read the “PCI Compliance in the IoT Age” to learn:

  • How new wireless devices are invisible to traditional PCI DSS security controls
  • How Armis helps you plug the visibility gap and maintain PCI DSS compliance
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Armis Alignment to CIS Critical Security Controls

Read this white paper to learn

  • How Armis aligns with the CIS Critical Security Controls
  • How Armis works for all devices in your enterprise environment–managed and unmanaged devices, both on and off your network
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7 IoT Exploits (Real Stories of Unmanaged Devices)

“IoT devices are often inherently insecure, and frequently unmanaged—making them perfect targets for hackers and cyber criminals. In just the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in attacks against unmanaged devices. Armis goes beyond the headlines to share:

  • Seven exploits and exposures Armis has identified
  • How the traditional security solutions were not enough
  • Key considerations to protect the Enterprise of “Things”
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Security for Meraki: Fast, Simple, Agentless

Download this paper to learn how Armis works with Meraki to:

  • Create a detailed device inventory
  • Understand your true attack surface
  • Analyze the behavior of every device
  • Protect your business from threats automatically
  • Enhance your existing security investments
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Industrial and Manufacturing IoT Security

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How IT and operational technology (OT) are converging
  • Real-world examples of IIoT attacks
  • Technical challenges of IIoT security
  • How Armis can help protect IIoT devices
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Gartner Report: OT Security Best Practices

Read this Gartner IoT Security report and learn:
  • How and why OT devices are being connected to IT networks at ever increasing rates
  • How this interconnection increases the attack surface and risk
  • Best practices to protect operational environments from cyber attack
Gartner White Paper