Armis Identifies Devices With BlueKeep Vulnerabilities

By Jack Marsal, Senior Director of Product Marketing If you work in information security, you’ve probably heard about BlueKeep. This vulnerability, also known as CVE-2019-0708, was announced by Microsoft last month. BlueKeep is a very dangerous vulnerability because it could … Continue Reading

Two Years In and WannaCry is Still Unmanageable

Ben Seri, VP of Research TL;DR 103 countries still impacted Over 145,000 devices worldwide are compromised At least 3,500 successful WannaCry attacks per hour, worldwide 22% of Internet service providers (ISPs) have customers impacted by WannaCry 60% of manufacturing organizations … Continue Reading

SHIoT HAPPENS: Digital Microscope A Target for WannaCry?

By Joe Lea, VP of Product Across virtually every industry, IoT and other new connected technologies deliver unique benefits and streamline the ways things get done. This is often a double-edged sword though because, for every advantage connected devices deliver, … Continue Reading