SHIoT HAPPENS: Could A Hacker Weaponize Your Printer?

By Joe Lea, VP of Product Organizations know they should use anti-malware software to protect endpoints from exploits. When IT admins think of “endpoints”, though, they generally think in terms of desktop and laptop computers—and possibly mobile devices like smartphones … Continue Reading

SHIoT HAPPENS: Hacked Vending Machines Snack on Your Data

By Joe Lea, VP of Product Vending machines have been around for more than 100 years. You can find them everywhere selling anything from newspapers, to soda, to sandwiches, or even actual full-sized automobiles. With modern technology, though, organizations may … Continue Reading

IoT Predictions for 2019

By Joe Lea Vice President of Product Businesses will wake up in 2019 to find they have even more unmanaged and IoT devices throughout their organizations. Some purchases by the company. Some brought in by employees or vendors. Designed to … Continue Reading