Shadow IoT

Shadow IT has become a familiar term to business. It is unsanctioned or unapproved applications employees use to help get work done. These are often cloud applications such as Dropbox.

Today, we face the risk of a ‘shadow’ IoT, with devices such as webcams, Smart TVs, Alexa, Amazon Echo or other devices being leveraged by employees without the support of IT. We have IoT in elevators, vending machines, CCTV cameras, HVAC and other smart utility systems. They connect through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and more.

Shadow IoT Security Cameras


Shadow IoT impacts industries such as finance, healthcare, energy, retail, and more. It grows as employees bring their own devices to work and as businesses use IoT solutions across their organizations.

The problem is that businesses only see 40% of the devices in their environment. Traditional security solutions simply don’t see these devices and can’t protect them in the IoT age. IT lacks the proper tools to discover these devices and protect their networks. Businesses need an IoT security solution that sees, manages, and controls these devices – most connecting via wireless networks – without impacting the network or productivity.


IoT devices present a unique challenge because you cannot put an agent on them for security. This is why cybercriminals are already targeting these new devices.

Armis is designed to address Shadow IoT, using an agentless approach. It can see every device in your organization, managed and unmanaged, and the connections those devices make.

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