• Agentless Device Security for Retail Environments

    From the warehouse, to the shelf, to the checkout aisle


“Armis gave us the visibility we needed of all the devices across our networks from our BedQuarters to our stores in the field. It is critical for us to see these devices, and to understand what they were doing.”

Brad Hollingsworth
Director of Cyber Security, Mattress Firm

Retail Solutions

Today’s retail environments have seen an explosion of connected devices from the warehouse to the shop floor. Devices like smart forklifts, beacons and sensors, bar code readers, interactive kiosks, and mobile point-of-sale terminals are transforming how you do business. They also create a new attack surface traditional security tools can’t protect.

The Challenge

These devices often have no security, they can’t easily receive software updates, and they can’t be seen or managed by traditional security products. All of this puts sensitive customer data, day-to-day supply chain operations, and your business at risk. Armis is the first agentless, enterprise-class security platform to address the new threat landscape of unmanaged retail and IoT devices.

The Challenge of Kiosks and Retail Security

Secure Your Retail Environment

Keeping your devices, your customers, and their shopping experience protected from threats is critical. Armis detects, classifies, and profiles every device on your network, even across remote sites. This gives you a complete, real-time device inventory of managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices with full visibility into activity on your network. It also enables you to create policies that quarantine suspicious or malicious unmanaged devices automatically.

Secure Your Retail Environment

Protect Your Business Processes

Any downtime in your supply chain and inventory management can have costly effects. Armis keeps critical processes and devices secure.

  • Performs ongoing risk scoring device behavior tracking.
  • Provides real-time risk assessments
  • Pinpoints and mitigates risky devices and activities that could indicate threats or attacks.
Protect Your Business Processes

Respond Quickly to Threats

Armis monitors every device on your network continuously for suspicious or malicious activity. If a threat is identified, Armis can quarantine the suspicious device automatically to stop attacks on your business. Armis also integrates with your existing network infrastructure and enforcement points like firewalls and NAC, extending their value.

Respond Quickly to Data Breach Threats with Armis Security

Deploy in as little as 15 Minutes

Armis is frictionless to deploy and can be up and running in minutes to hours, letting you see the devices in and around your environment.

  • No software agents to deploy or manage.
  • No additional hardware to install.
  • Simple, fast Meraki cloud-to-cloud integration.
Deploy in as little as 15 Minutes
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