Automatically identify and disconnect unmanaged devices from the network.


No agent on a device is required for tracking and control.


Deploys in minutes. Integrates with existing infrastructure.


Discover all the devices in your environment, even before they join the network.

Complete Discovery

Without an agent, Armis discovers and monitors all devices in your environment, managed or unmanaged, on/off your network, and in your airspace. This is critical for any organization, including those subject to regulatory frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, or NIST, or if you follow security guidelines like the CIS Critical Security Controls.

Our unique out-of-band sensing technology allows you to see all connected devices – from traditional devices like laptop computers, smartphones, and printers to new smart devices like TVs, webcams, HVAC systems, medical devices and more.

Armis can provide:

  • Comprehensive device and asset discovery
  • Device type, location, software, vulnerabilities, services used, and more
  • Connection history for forensics
  • Passive monitoring which does not disrupt devices
Complete Discovery

Device Behavior & Risk Analysis

Armis doesn’t just tell you what each device is, we tell you what the device is doing. We continuously monitor the behavior of all devices in and around your network to detect a possible compromise. Armis compares real-time device activity to established “known-good” baselines in the Armis Device Knowledgebase.

We also assign a risk score to every device via our Risk Analysis Engine. This score is based on factors like vulnerabilities Armis detects, known attack patterns, and the behaviors that we observe on your network.

Understanding device behavior is critical, letting you see:

  • Devices that are behaving correctly
  • Devices that are acting suspiciously
  • Devices that may be part of a botnet or vulnerable
Device Behavior Risk

Automatic Protection

Armis doesn’t simply generate alerts, we can automatically take action to protect your organization or stop an attack. We work with your existing security enforcement points like Cisco and Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Network Access Control (NAC) products, as well as directly with your wireless LAN controllers to restrict access or to quarantine suspicious or malicious devices.

Armis lets you and your team:

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure
  • Take action Immediately
  • Gain the peace of mind you need for all devices, managed or unmanaged
Automatic Protection

Frictionless Deployment & Integration

As an agentless solution, Armis is frictionless to deploy and can be up and running in minutes, letting you see the devices in and around your environment. We don’t require agents and don’t impact your existing network infrastructure.

We can integrate with existing network infrastructure solutions such as Cisco, Aruba, and others enhanced visibility and control, up to and beyond the network perimeter.

For deeper analytics and threat mitigation, Armis can integrate with existing security solutions such as Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, as well as Cisco ISE, Aruba ClearPass or ForeScout as part of our multi-data feed integration that delivers a 360 degree view across your organization.

We can also integrate into your SIEM, such as Splunk.


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