“Armis worked great with Meraki. First, the deployment was, without a doubt, the simplest we have ever done. It is very impressive and valuable that the integration with Meraki could be done in minutes.

Second, Armis gave us the visibility we needed of all the devices across our networks from our BedQuarters to our stores in the field. It is critical for us to see these devices, and to understand what they were doing.”

Brad Hollingsworth
Director of Cyber Security, Mattress Firm


Without any agents or additional hardware, our cloud-to-cloud integration with Meraki gives you full visibility into every device on your network. Armis creates a comprehensive inventory of devices that includes a unique risk score for each, providing security teams with critical insights they can use to help prioritize threats and reduce the organization’s attack surface.

Armis Console


Armis monitors the behavior of every device on your Meraki network continuously without any impact on its performance. When Armis detects abnormal behavior or an active threat, it blocks the suspicious device automatically, providing you with peace of mind that an attack will be stopped, even if your security team is busy with other priorities.

Meraki Tablet Scene


Whether you’re in one location or distributed across the globe, integrating Armis with your Meraki environment is fast and painless. And because it requires no agents, there’s no disruption to your end users. Armis also integrates easily with your other security investments like your SIEM, ticketing systems, and asset databases, allowing these systems and your incident responders to leverage the rich information Armis provides.

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