IoT has modernized manufacturing environments by providing access to crucial data in real time. IoT sensors enable companies to bypass limitations of legacy PLCs to monitor temperature and humidity in food manufacturing, or performance of the production line for automobile manufacturing. Smart manufacturing connected through IoT improves insights and production efficiency to cut costs and increases quality.

The Risk of IoT in Manufacturing


Manufacturing is a complex process that relies on a variety of moving parts to operate smoothly. Anything that slows or stops production can have a catastrophic impact on profit, and may cause lasting damage to the reputation of the brand. IoT streamlines manufacturing, but by virtue of being connected it also exposes the manufacturing environment to a variety of unique or increased risks. Attackers can leverage IoT devices to impact manufacturing in any of these ways:

  • Use IoT to send bad data that affects quality or productivity
  • Shut down systems altogether and halt productivity
  • Compromise IoT devices to gain network access and infiltrate deeper into the network


When it comes to manufacturing environments, the challenge is that these smart devices and sensors were not designed with security in mind. In most cases, there is no way to install an agent on device, so they are completely unmanaged from a security perspective. With no way to protect the IoT device directly, companies need a new approach to IoT security. It’s critical to be able to monitor device behavior to detect when it is connecting to an incorrect network, or interacting with inappropriate devices or systems in order to identify suspicious or anomalous behavior. Companies need a smart security solution that can see any IoT or unmanaged device, and respond automatically to ensure there are no interruptions of productivity.


As an agentless IoT security platform, Armis instantly protects the IoT devices in a manufacturing environment. It allows every device to safely connect to the network.

Manufacturers can conduct a full asset discovery of unmanaged devices, profile them, and automatically stop unauthorized access to their network, if necessary.

The Armis Approach
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