BlueBorne Cyber Threat Impacts Amazon and Google

BlueBorne Cyber Threat Impacts Amazon Echo and Google Home

Following the disclosure of the BlueBorne attack vector this past September, Armis discovered that critical Bluetooth vulnerabilities impact the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These new IoT voice-activated Personal Assistants join the extensive list of affected devices. Personal Assistants are … Continue Reading

BlueBorne Android Exploit

BlueBorne on Android: Exploiting an RCE Over the Air

This past weekend, Armis researchers Ben Seri and Gregory Vishnepolsky presented a detailed explanation of the Android Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities related to the BlueBorne attack vector at the Hacktivity conference. This presentation included new information regarding the vulnerability, as … Continue Reading

KRACK Attack WiFi vulnerability

Wi-Fi Attack Vulnerability: A Foundational KRACK in Enterprise Security

Today researchers have disclosed major weaknesses in WPA2. Called a Krack attack (key reinstallation attacks), it can allow an attacker to decrypt WPA2 traffic and in some cases inject or tamper with data. The attack targets the 4-way handshake that establishes … Continue Reading

6 IoT Devices Compromising Your Business Today

6 IoT Devices Compromising Your Business Today

By Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO & Co-Founder The Internet of Things is ushering in the next wave of digitization to business. Employees bring connected IoT devices in and out of the office, and companies use smart devices to keep operations running … Continue Reading

New Petya Ransomware Attack

(Not)Petya – 3 Steps to Prepare for the Next Ransomware Attack

by Nadir Izrael, CTO & Co-Founder We are now living in the age of the cyber plague. While much of the world is still scrambling to patch systems and clean up from the fallout of the WannaCry ransomware attack, a … Continue Reading

Cast of the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Hooli Needed Device Discovery

by Nadir Izrael, CTO & Co-Founder Last week the hit HBO show Silicon Valley had a storyline that was near and dear to my heart. The episode showed the team from Pied Piper resorting to the use of Wi-Fi Pineapple … Continue Reading